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Flower Children
Christmas Figures
Easter Figures
Process of Production


The making of a Figure



A basic round or four-cornered piece of wood is used for creation of  buds,  cups and. samples from an abundant selection of flowers

The other components are punched out from a cardboard and then painted by hand and varnished.

The flower is completed through connection of a wire attachment  to the wooden components

A figure consists of very many individual parts which must be especially treated by a lathe. 

Then the parts are attached to each other by hand, and painted and varnished also by hand.





The „Wheel Animals“ of the „Flower Girls“ are initially produced from a wooden ring which has the profile of a specific animal. In  the next step pieces of  the ring are cut off and the outline of the animal is finalized, ready to be painted and varnished.

In this manner  individual unique figures are produced again and again.


The extensive, carefulluy and lovingly created „Art of the Erzgebirge“ has justly earned its world recognition as a unique form of artistic expression.



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