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Historical Survey

The firm’s designation WEHA KUNST dates back to the original trade mark  „Werkstätten HAupt“ conceived by the architect Fritz Haupt, born  in 1913 in Schmiedebeg, Erzgebirge, who developed the project into his life’s work.

The 1945 destruction of the Technical University in Dresden ended the assignment of Fritz Haupt as architect and faculty member.at that institution, and so in l946 he founded his own small woodworking shop.


During the difficult post-war years he commenced his business in modest  working quarters in Dresden.  His wood-turned products consisted of variable types of candlesticks, but mostly of depictions of fairy tales with materials of plywood.

After acquisition of premises in Dippoldiswalde and construction of a building to serve as home
as well as workshop F. Haupt moved his production to the new location in Dippodiswalde.

In 1949 at the suggestion of  Herr, Schanz,  then director of the Seiffen Toy School, the first  lathe  turned Christmas figures went into production. At the same time F.Haupt began to develop „Flower Children“, with different blossoms representing the various seasons of the year. 

A great many new designs were created between 1946 and 1972.  At the same time the production was constantly increased.

In 1972 the business became a state-owned organization.  Compelled to accept the nominal position of chief or production, Fritz Haupt continued to have only  limited influence on selection of designs and quality control.  Upon reaching retirement age, he left the organization. But  Fritz Haupt was much too active and too creative a mind to be able to live as retired pensioner.  So he opened up a new small workshop, right next to the large factory he had founded and which the state had confiscated. There he continued his old creations in the new role of independent creative artisan of folk art.

The end of the communist era offered an opportunity to the already 78-year old founder of the firm to take up new challenges of his life’s work.  Regretfully the previous directors attempted to take advantage of their position in favor of their own interests.  All special tools, machinery, and raw materials for the figures disappeared under mysterious circumstances Some of the former personnel founded their own factory, which to this day is producing in Dresden and in the Erzgebirge. Another factor of discouragement was the apparent fear of the older daughter of Fritz Haupt to take the business risks involved in a new start of the old organization.

In order to facilitate his own production capacities and in order to retain the market for his articles Fritz Haupt  entered a license agreement with another firm which would be permitted to go into production with some of his designs.  At the same time, he worked ceaselessly toward establishing space and technical preparations for the resumption of his own production.  At that time his younger daughter moved to Dippoldiswalde, where she is now directing the family enterprise.

Fritz Haupt still participates with accustomed energy and enthusiasm in the progress of the business. Rather than resting and simply enjoying the results of  nearly ninety-years of achievement, he still keeps himself constantly busy with new ideas and new designs. For example, his new combination of „Flower Girls“ and „Wheel Animals.“  His most recent innovation is the addition to „Summer Flower Girls“,  termed  „Sisters“ , which reach  a new height of 30 cm.

Rather than only dwelling on a past proud tradition, there is also a continuous investment in progress and the future.  Under the direction of Fritz Haupt’s younger daughter all designs are original and are produced as individual artisan craft in their entirety.

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